an ‘Elegy’ duet and trio


Day after day, week after week, 8-year-old Nikki assists her 5-year-old sister, Vi, with her piano practices and lessons. As a bonus, Nikki is learning to play the piano alongside her sister, in addition to her violin and cello lessons.

Both girls love the piece, ‘Elegy’, that Vi has chosen to prepare for her preliminary level AMEB exam. This past week, they decided to practice for and have me record them playing an excerpt from it as a piano and violin duet! Their percussionist brother, 7-year-old Michael, asked if he could play tapping sticks along with them to keep the beat, and they were delighted to include him as well.

The following short video shows Nikki and Vi’s excitement over Vi mastering a particularly tricky section, followed by the trio of all three kids playing a slightly longer excerpt from the song together. Enjoy!

And yay! I’m back online! Lots to catch up on, but hopefully I’ll get some time to plough through my inbox this weekend…